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IMPORTANT : because of the current health situation, our spring 2021 courses will be distance-taught. The concept will remain interactive: an alternation of direct online contact, work in sub-groups (video conferences) and private (individual) study. We use a stimulating and motivating didactic approach, and encourage the active participation of everyone involved. You will receive more precise information when the groups have been formed.

We offer language courses which can be both in parallel to your study program or integrated into your curriculum. These course are designed to meet the needs of students at university and, later, of professional life and social integration.

The transparency and coherence of our modules is ensured by linking them to current European standards.

For more information on our course concept, click here.

Learning a language requires a considerable investment in time and effort, both inside and outside the classroom. Before registering for a module, make sure that you have sufficient time to do the work required.
Remember that if you are placed in a group, you are expected to attend the module on a regular basis and to follow it from start to finish.

Modules you need to sign up for

The “Specific Skills” modules develop specific competences in language and communication, to enable learners to participate more effectively in academic, professional or social situations.


Modules which require no registration

info.gifWhy not try the Tandem language-exchange programme (managed by the Faculty of Arts)?


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