Negotiating in Academic and Professional Contexts (dès B2)

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the key concepts of negotiation and recognize the different stages of the negotiation process
  • Plan, prepare and deploy strategies for successful negotiation
  • Build rapport by applying trust-building techniques
  • Communicate position and interests to initiate the bargaining process
  • Negotiate effectively using different media (e.g. email, face-to-face, visio-conference)
  • Apply a range of communicative strategies to avoid conflict and reach a conclusion (e.g. clarification, active listening, reframing)
  • Evaluate and reflect on own performance, receive and respond constructively to feedback
  • Acknowledge and deal with intercultural issues in communication

Practical information

Pre-registration dates and deadlines All information
Required level From B2 Level descriptor
Structure of the module > Group 2 periods
  > Multimedia Center (EMA)* --
Timetable Fixed according to the availability of the participants All information
Fees Language Center courses are only for members of the UNIL community (with a few exceptions All information

*When indicated, the multimedia space for independent learning (EMA) is an integrated part of the course. It can be “online inscription” or “free access” (details)

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