Pedagogical Approach

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Our mission

 To encourage and promote language learning in order to respond to the challenges of international university education, mobility and integration, professional life and lifelong learning

To encourage the development of linguistic and intercultural skills and competencies, enabling the use of languages in multiple contexts and to various ends

To develop language and communication skills as transferable skills essential to studies at all levels

To promote the continuous education of UNIL staff members in this domain

To provide support to UNIL administration and Faculties on questions of language and plurilingualism


Our objectives

To offer members of the university community:

High quality modules responding to the demands of their studies, exchange programmes and / or their present and future work

  • by developing their general language and communication skills
  • by offering modular courses based on specific needs
  • by preparing learners for various international examinations and certificates
  • by offering individual independent learning modules and opportunities
  • by developing specific communication skills for different fields of study

Stimulating teaching methods blending well-tested approaches and the latest methodological innovations, catering for all types of learner, practical and adapted to the target learners

Transparent and coherent learning objectives linked to European reference levels

 The opportunity to develop independent learning skills and intercultural communication skills


Evaluation, certificates and ECTS credits

The Centre de langues used continuous assessment. Meeting the requirements of the courses allows learners to obtain a certificate and credits (these need to be accepted by your Faculty).



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