Course Structure

| Group modules | Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning (EMA) | Personal study

The Language Center offers different types of courses, see here

Their structure (see information on the relevant pages) consists of:

  • group modules with a teacher
  • periods in the Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning (EMA) for some modules
  • private study


Group modules


The modules take place in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone participates actively. This both promotes language learning and stimulates self-expression.

The modules focus on communication and help learners to use the language in different contexts and for different purposes (speaking, understanding, reading, writing). The modules focus also on cultural and intercultural aspects as well as on the acquisition of autonomous learning skills.

A wide range of interesting up-to-date methods and activities are used, including discussions, listening tasks, role-plays, visuals, games, videos, and reflection on the learning process.


Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning (EMA)

Language learning in the Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning (EMA) forms an integral part of the Integral Skills module from Beginners to B2 (except for Chinese), and a few other specific modules.

The EMA allows you to work at your own pace and choose which aspects of the language you wish to develop, according to your objectives, interest and weaknesses.

In the multimedia room or online, someone will help you with different aspects of your personal work, such as:

  • how the equipment works
  • how to find suitable material
  • how to work
  • how to do language activities

In addition, the virtual workspace (PlurieL), allows you to access online comments about your Learning journal, in which you record your progress.

You can use the Multimedia Centre either:

fleche_petite_bleue.jpg by registering online: choose a slot (one supervised by a teacher of the language you are studying or, if this is not possible, a teacher of another language. The teacher will offer help, advice and feedback. Registration will also guarantee you access

Periods in the Accompagnied Multimedia Centre (i.e., those requiring registration) will be bimodal; you will be able to attend either on-site in our multimedia room (ANT 1060), or remotely by videoconference, through our PlurieL learning Platform.

via free access: remote access at any time, through our PlurieL learning platform (see also the information under Independent Learning)



Personal study




In order to make your language learning as effective as possible and make real progress, you must also work on your own (outside of the classroom and the EMA).


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