Communicating in English in an Academic Context for Researchers (intensive module during intersemesters)

attention.jpgIntensive module reserved for Researchers (incl. doctoral and late-stage Master students)

Learning outcomes

  • Prepare and present a poster on an academic topic of one's choice
  • Write a short, clear academic article using an appropriate structure and style
  • Present and discuss data clearly and effectively, focusing appropriate expression; give explanations, present arguments and make comments; ask questions
  • Understand academic talks, using strategies to grasp the main theme, identify key points and understand details
  • Deal with differences in academic culture


Group class, individual work (preparation of a poster, presentation, article, etc.) and feedback from a tutor.

Practical information

Pre-registration period only for intersemester courses Dates
Dates Summer intersemester From 10 to 14 June 2024
Duration 1 week (5 days) 4 periods/day (9h00-12h30)
Required level From B1 Level descriptor
Fees for this specific module UNIL doctoral students
CHF 180.-
CHF 240.-
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