Italian - Integrated skills module

The objectives of the “integrated skills” modules are to enable participants :

  • to begin to learn a new language
  • to develop existing skills and make them more specific

These modules are largely based on communication. They aim to develop skills which will enable learners to use the language for various reasons in a variety of contexts. These modules also aim to develop cultural and intercultural aspects as well as the ability to learn independently.

Teaching methods and activities are varied and interesting. They involve discussions, listening exercises, role-plays, games, watching videos and reflecting on how we learn.


The modules run over 13 weeks during the semester. If you wish to continue the course the following semester, you need to sign up again.

Why don’t you try an original Integrated Skills module, which we offer at all levels, starting from A2/B1?

Discussions and Presentations based on Italian Music and History

Music: the backbone of an Italian language course / La musica: filo conduttore di un corso d’italiano
Una dozzina di canzoni d’autore sono presentate nel loro contesto storico. L’ascolto e l’analisi dei testi offrono un’opportunità per migliorare la comprensione, per presentare esperienze personali e scambiare opinioni

Practical information

Structure of the module per week
Group For all levels 2 periods
Multimedia Centre (EMA)* The number of periods varies according to level >Beginner to A2: 2 periods
  (one of them in free-access)
    >A2/B1 to B2: 1 period
    >B2/ to C1: no EMA study required
Pre-registration dates and deadlines
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Level Group levels depend on the pre-registrations
Level descriptor
Timetable Fixed according to the availability of the participants
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Fees Language Center courses are only for members of the UNIL community (with a few exceptions).
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*When indicated, the multimedia space for independent learning (EMA) is an integrated part of the course. It can be “online registration” or “free access” (details)

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