EPFL Members


EPFL members can follow modules at the UNIL Language Center site only if these languages are not taught at the EPFL Language Center site (http://langues.epfl.ch/).


These include:

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Swiss German

attention.jpgThese modules will be billed to EPFL members.

Module fees (please check the course outline to see whether you need to attend the EMA multimedia center)

♦ Autumn / Spring semester (for the semester)
   3 and 4 periods (=course with EMA) fleche.jpg CHF 456.-
   2 periods (=course without EMA) fleche.jpg CHF 312.-
♦ Winter intersemester: 30 periods fleche.jpgCHF 360.-
♦ Summer intersemester: 40 periods fleche.jpgCHF 480.-

1 period = 45 minutes
Free access periods at the multimedia center (not reserved slots – click here> to see the difference) are free of charge.

Once you are placed in a group, you receive an invoice: payment must be made within 10 days. There is an CHF 80.- charge for cancelations received by email or announced to the Reception of the Centre de langues during the first two weeks of semester (or on the first day of an intensive course). Beyond this period the module fee is due in full, and is not reimbursed, even partially, whatever the reasons for quitting the course. Module fees are fixed, and there is therefore no possibility of partial reimbursement.

Course pre-registration

Please see here how to sign up for a Language Center module.

You can sign up using the link below (identify yourself using your Gaspar account).

   Online pre-registration / Access to your details    

Important: You will need to return to this page to check your course information or view the course description, choose a multimedia centre slot, etc.




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