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Updated on March 2, 2021

Sanitary protection measures on campus

Valid until further notice


Wearing of the mask is compulsory in the buildings, in all circumstances, as well as on the outside of the buildings. Hand hygiene and distancing rules must always be applied.

Distance learning

  • All courses, large and small, are given online from 2 November.
  • The token system is suspended.
  • Exceptions are provided for in the Ordinance promulgated by the Federal Council, Article 6d, paragraph 1, letter b, for courses that require the use of campus infrastructure, such as certain practical laboratory work.
  • Practical work can take place face-to-face if no remote alternative can be found and with a maximum of 30 participants.


Teleworking is compulsory for all employees, except when the activity does not allow it. More information.



  • Private and public events are forbidden for more than 5 people.
  • Thesis defenses can only gather the persons directly involved in the defense and the evaluation of the thesis, and are thus closed to any external public. The co-modal formula is authorized to allow the participation of additional persons at a distance, if they wish.

Vulnerable persons

The recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health applicable in the context of UNIL are the same for vulnerable people as for the general population. These people are invited to observe them very rigorously.


The application of health measures by members of the academic community is the responsibility of each and everyone, and not the responsibility of teachers or the hierarchy. UniSEP staff members are responsible for ensuring that the provisions are properly observed, and may be called upon to intervene in the event of non-compliance.

Activation of the SwissCOVID application

The activation of the SwissCOVID application is an effective way to reinforce the UNIL protection plan: it is recommended to all persons attending the campus.

How to react in case of symptoms?

Any person - staff member or student - who experiences symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 (cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, fever, sudden loss of smell and/or taste, cold, muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting) must immediately leave the campus, if present, wearing a mask.


The Coronacheck application recommended by the FOPH makes it possible to determine the probability that the symptoms felt are significant for COVID. If this is the case, it also directs the person to the detection center nearest to his or her home.


The nearest COVID-19 screening centers to the campus are:


Vidy Medical Centre, VidyMed

Route de Chavannes 11, 1004 Lausanne

Open 7 days a week, from 9am to 6pm.

Call before you come 021 622 88 88


EPFL Campus

Jean-Daniel Colladon street, 1024 Ecublens

Test by online appointment, from Monday to Friday and from 8am to 5 pm.


List of other screening centres in the canton of Vaud


Access to the Dorigny campus buildings

The buildings are closed and access is via your Campus Card. You will find all the relevant information here:



Following the provisions announced by the Conseil d'État on 25 February:

  • The Unithèque and Internef sites of the BCUL are open to everyone
  • A maximum number of people can be present. Wearing a mask is mandatory. All BCU information here.   
  • Check the schedule page  of the BCUL site you want to visit.

Wearing of masks is compulsory in all circumstances in the buildings, as well as the respect of distance measures and hand sanitization.


Food service

Some cafeterias are open. More info here:

Until further notice, cafeterias are reserved for the sole use of members of the university community upon presentation of the Campus Card.

Cafeterias are subject to the same conditions as all restaurants, i.e. four people per table, wearing of the mask while on the move, tracking with the SocialPass smartphone application.


In accordance with the decisions of the State of Vaud, UNIL favours the use of a digital tracing system in its restaurants. Anyone wishing to visit a UNIL restaurant will be obliged to register their arrival and departure times via the SocialPass application. QR-codes to be scanned will be displayed at the entrance of the establishments and on the tables. “Paper” tracing will only remain authorised in exceptional situations such as the absence of a mobile network or the non-possession of a smartphone by the customer.

Offered by GastroVaud, this tracing application stores your information in a secure system that only the competent authorities can consult if necessary. Your data will be automatically deleted after 14 days.

Other information

  • Find the useful information on
  • Payment by campus card is strongly encouraged. The staff promotes its use by informing people of the possibility of loading the card at the dedicated terminals.

  • More info on the Catering Protection Plan.


Distribution of masks

For students :

On campus, students who need masks can obtain them from the UniSEP service at Annexe de la Mouline.

For employees:

Faculties, institutes and departments have received cloth masks for distribution. Two masks per employee will be made available via the various organisational units. For any request for centralized distribution of masks for employees, please contact with the number of your employees, as well as their first and last names.



Security of the premises

The auditoriums and classrooms have been redesigned by Unibat and UniSEP to maximise the distance between seated students.


The workplaces of the staff members were supervised by UniSEP in order to guarantee the sanitary distance and the safety of the occupants, on condition that the latter observe the sanitary rules.


The campus premises are cleaned daily and the required surfaces are disinfected. Dispensers of hydro-alcoholic solution for hand disinfection are installed at the entry points of the buildings. In addition, the washrooms are regularly supplied with soap and disposable towels.


The washrooms have been redesigned - when required - to allow a sanitary distance between users.



Gradual resumption of University Sports activities!

Following the Federal Council's new directives of 24 February, outdoor courses are partially resuming. Maximum 15 people and wearing a mask is compulsory if the distance of 1m50 cannot be respected (please follow the teachers' instructions). 

Partial resumption of indoor classes too, for under 20-year-olds (year of birth 2001 and later).

More information on available activities and registration:


Organisation of professional, research or associative events

Until further notice, private and public events are prohibited for more than 5 people.


Colloquia and other scientific meetings are considered as events and are subject to the specific rules governing them.


Requests for authorisation of rooms go through AEGS /Unibat ( / 021 692 26 09/10), which is responsible for ensuring the availability of the room and compliance by the organiser with the COVID measures specific to events. In the event of a conflict of priorities, AEGS will refer the matter to the Rectorate.


The organiser of an event must ensure that the following contact details are collected for all participants: surname, first name, telephone number, postal code. A sample list (Excel) is available.

The self-managed or spontaneous organisation of aperitifs and coffee breaks is forbidden until further notice on the entire campus of the University of Lausanne.



Travel abroad

Travel abroad is subject to the recommendations of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and the regulations of the countries visited.