Deadlines for the gradual reopening of the Dorigny campus

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Protection plan for the autumn on-site exams

Valid as of 11 August 2020

The obligation to comply with the health measures prescribed at the federal and cantonal levels in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic entails several organizational challenges for the conduct of in-person examinations during the autumn session of 2020.

This document outlines the institutional solutions selected to address these challenges. It is intended for the deans of faculties and school principals in order to assist them in implementing the examinations and communicating them to their students and staff.

More information on the specific organizational arrangements made by the faculties



  • The spring semester courses ended on May 29, 2020.
  • Until further notice the buildings remain closed to students until the August exam session. Students will be able to access the premises by invitation, for example if they need to contact their Master Director.
  • For access to the libraries, the provisions below apply.
  • For access to the study areas, please see


Thesis Defences

  • Thesis defences - public and private - take place at a distance.
  • From 8 June onwards, private defences are possible on campus, in accordance with the rules laid down by the FOPH. However, this is not the case for public defences, which are still prohibited.


Research activities

  • Currently, the return to the site is authorized, only for research activities that require access to UNIL's infrastructures. This according to a schedule organized by each faculty and as long as the safety instructions are respected.

Note describing the conditions of partial resumption of the activity

  • As of June 8, access to the laboratories is extended to other work environments, such as offices.
  • Professional meetings, such as a laboratory meeting, is also be allowed, always in accordance with health regulations.
  • Travel abroad is permitted as of June 15 subject to the recommendations of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and the regulations of the countries visited.


Administrative and technical activities

  • Activities on the Dorigny site, are possible for all staff from Monday 8 June, in compliance with the conditions and measures laid down by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). For the time being, only those employees who have received instructions to do so via a face-to-face meeting with their line manager are expected to be on campus. These activities are carried out according to a hybrid model, alternating between teleworking and on-site work, depending on the nature of the activities and the space available.
  • In particular, vulnerable employees are invited to continue working from home. In agreement with their hierarchy and their doctor, and as far as the activities and the situation allow, they may return to the campus.
  • Apprentices are allowed to come back to the campus on June 8th, according to the same principles as other UNIL employees.
  • Professional meetings, such as a service session, are authorized, always in compliance with health regulations.


Access to buildings

  • Despite the return on campus on Monday 8 June of some of the employees, the doors of the buildings remain closed: access is possible via the Campus Card. However, it is no longer necessary to inform UniSEP of their arrival. Those who need to change or update their rights on their Campus Card for the opening of the UNIL buildings can make a request by contacting the IT on 021 692 26 97.
  • In case of problem or emergency, UniSEP is at your disposal on 021 692 20 00.
  • Until the August exam session, students are not allowed to enter the buildings. An on-campus visit is only accepted for :
    • An appointment with a staff member : In this case, students must be accompanied to the meeting rooms. The same applies to persons from outside the University.
    • The use of the BCU loan service in the Unithèque and Internef buildings, only for as long as this takes.
    • From June 29th: access to the study areas: more information on
  • Until August 31, employees who wish to go to a building other than the one in which their office is located must contact a person who will open the door for them in advance. If you wish to go to a department or faculty counter, please also contact the relevant reception desk before you go, in order to make sure of its opening arrangements. For example, the Unicentre's central counter is only accessible by email or telephone.





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  • No events will be held on campus until at least the end of August.