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The evolution of the coronavirus epidemic is monitored by the University of Lausanne, in conjunction with the cantonal authorities. Here is useful information for employees of the UNIL community.

Since 18 January, home working is the rule

Status: March 3rd, 2021


  • UNIL's activity continues: the infrastructures remain at the disposal of the university community. The buildings are closed and access is possible with your Campus Card.


  • Teleworking is compulsory for all employees, except when the activity does not allow it.


  • It is up to UNIL and its managers to define the activities justifying a presence on site and the practical arrangements for carrying out the work. In case of doubt, employees should refer to their superiors. 


  • UNIL's facilities have already been adapted in accordance with health regulations. When work on site is necessary, the sanitary measures in force must be strictly respected: 
    • Mask is compulsory in all circumstances inside and outside the buildings (signposted areas) even when the distance can be respected.
    • Distance of 1.5 meters observed between each person
    • Disinfection or regular hand washing
    • Regular ventilation of the premises


  • The working hours counted remain the actual hours. Exceptions are reserved for situations where the unit cannot pursue all of its activities. In this case, the hours are counted at 8.18h per day or the hours due according to the rate of activity. 


  • For vulnerable persons, the current additional measures remain in force (read below).
Distribution of masks

From September 22nd, faculties, institutes and departments have received cloth masks for distribution. Two masks per employee are made available via the various organisational units.


For students, distribution was done through relay points within UNIL buildings upon presentation of their Campus Card. More information

Behaviour in the workplace

UNIL's facilities have already been adapted in accordance with health regulations. When work on site is necessary, the sanitary measures in force must be strictly respected: 

  • Mask is compulsory in all circumstances inside and outside the buildings (signposted areas) even when the distance can be respected.
  • Distance of 1.5 meters observed between each person
  • Disinfection or regular hand washing
  • Regular ventilation of the premises


The specific rules for buildings under the responsibility of the CHUV apply.

SwissCovid app

Insofar as it is a complement to the protection plans put in place at UNIL, its installation and activation are recommended for all persons attending the campus.

In case of symptoms associated with COVID-19

Go home in accordance with the health recommendations of the FOPH and call your doctor or fill the coronacheck test as soon as possible. You will receive instructions on the website or from the attending physician for further instructions. Your situation will then be taken care of by the health authorities of your canton, who will give you the necessary information and recommendations to follow.

Employees who are in quarantine as a preventive measure and who are unable to work from home are entitled to payment of their salary in the event of incapacity to work. The notification of quarantine is equivalent to a medical certificate.

UNIL reminds that quarantine is not a recommendation but an obligation based on the law on epidemics.

In the event of a positive COVID-19 test

If you are tested coronavirus positive, you will be contacted by the Cantonal Medical Office who will place you in isolation for at least 10 days. If you are unable to work, you are entitled to your salary. The notification of isolation has the value of a medical certificate.

You will resume your activity when the isolation is lifted by the Cantonal Doctor's Office and according to the instructions received by the Cantonal Doctor's Office.

Instructions available on the FOPH website

In case of travel in a risk zone

If for any reason you have to travel to a state or zone with a high risk of infection according to the list and recommendations issued by the Confederation, you must inform your superiors beforehand (or as soon as possible, in the event of unexpected travel) in order to determine the procedures for complying with the ten-day quarantine obligation following your return.

This quarantine period can be adjusted according to three possibilities:

  • remote work, if the activity and the requirements of the project allow it or ;
  • vacation or as compensation for excess or overtime hours; 
  • unpaid leave.

It is not the employer's responsibility to bear the consequences of an employee's choice to travel to a country at risk. For this reason, the impossibility to work due to quarantine will not give rise to the payment of salary.

People at especially high risk

A person's vulnerability, as defined by the FOPH, is assessed individually. It must be attested by a doctor.

Working conditions are adapted to the individual situation. The employees concerned are invited to contact their superiors.

Pregnant women

The FOPH has included pregnant women in the list of people at especially high risk. The same measures must be applied to them (see point above).

In order to guarantee maximum compliance with hygiene and distancing measures, it is advisable to announce your pregnancy to your superiors as soon as possible and to fill in the form "Identification of dangers and protection of maternity".

Cross-border workers

At present and until further notice, teleworking can be continued, subject to a detailed account of the days worked remotely. 


Organizational Updates

Sanitary measures

Find all the useful information on the here.

Computer tools and remote work support

To enable teams to work together remotely, the IT Centre offers you many tools on: In particular:

  • Microsoft Teams: to work remotely in a group and to communicate 
  • Zoom: for distance learning: live streaming, recording and replaying of courses

In case of technical problem, please contact the helpdesk. More informations

You will find useful tips and aids for remote work on

Training: online courses

If you would like to take a course for employees, please ask the organizer: some have been cancelled due to COVID-19, others are now taking place online. Find the training courses available to employees, such as the interactive training courses organized by the IT Center.

In all cases, you can access the LinkedIn Learning online learning solution : programming, marketing, IT tools, photography and many other topics are explored through a range of more than 14,000 training courses, available 24 hours a day and downloadable.  Read more.


Research activities

The return of the activities on site is authorized according to a schedule organized by each faculty and as long as the safety instructions are respected.


SNSF communications

News from the Swiss National Science Foundation related to COVID-19 are regularly updated on its website.

You will also find on this page the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Your contact for any further information: vé

Extension of contracts of the "corps intermédiaire"

Containment measures have not spared research. This is why at UNIL, members of the "corps intermédiaire" whose work has been affected by the pandemic have been able to request an extension of their fixed-term contracts, which can be combined with a regular extension. The reasons justifying such an extension are detailed in the "Procédure de demande de prolongation de contrat en CDD en lien à la crise du coronavirus".

Since July 31, the deadlines for applications have expired. In order to guarantee uniformity of treatment, the files are currently being evaluated by a commission specially set up by the Rectorate.

The deadline for the submission of a possible request for reconsideration is 30 days from the date of the commission's decision.

Support for doctoral students

If you have any concerns regarding your doctorate, the Graduate Campus or your secretary's office or doctoral school remain available by phone or online (on all the usual platforms) for advice, to answer questions, or simply to listen and support you during this time.

The Graduate Campus has an offer of online workshops for the semester: you'll find more details and registration here.

Thesis defenses

Thesis defenses can only gather the persons directly involved in the defense and the evaluation of the thesis, and are thus closed to any external public. The co-modal formula is authorized to allow the participation of additional persons at a distance, if they wish.


New at UNIL ?

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Collaborative tools and remote work


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