Brain Tumor Biobank Platform


Description of the platform's activity
The Brain Tumor Bank of the Laboratory of Brain Tumor Biology and Genetics (LBGT) and the Service of Neurosurgery is a prospective collection of brain and spine tumor samples associated with a clinical database since 1983. It is directed and coordinated by Prof. Monika Hegi and is located at the CHUV campus in Epalinges (CLE). The BTbiobank of the LBGT is accredited by the CHUV (BB_031_BBLBGT), has received the certificate VITA from the the Swiss Biobanking Platform, and has been approved by the local ethics committee (CER-VD, F25/99).

Biobank & Expertise
The BT-biobanque of the LBGT comprises over 5100 entries and represents a valuable research tool of the Brain and Spine Tumor Center of the CHUV. This prospective collection comprises brain and spine tumors operated by the service of neurosurgery and the spine center at the CHUV, and corresponding blood samples (PBMC and plasma), with informed consent of the patients. For a subset of the patients, CSF is available. A panel of glioblastoma derived cell-lines and/or sphere lines (isolated and kept under stem cell conditions) have been established and characterized. Research staff consists of biologists with expertise in experimental neuro-oncology (in vitro and in vivo) and molecular biology, and a biostatistician/bioinformatician with expertise in multi-OMICS data analyses.

Mission & Services
The BB serves as resource for translational and basic research projects within the institution, shares resources in local and international academic collaborations, and collects tissue for translational research in clinical trials.
• Resource to study different molecular aspects of brain tumor biology and (epi-)genetics in association with the clinical course and response to therapy, including, but not limited to, interaction with the immune system.
• Biomarker development (diagnostic, predictive)
• Target discovery for novel treatments.


Directed by Prof Monika Hegi

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Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)