Medical Informatics Platform (MIP)


Description of the platform's activity
The Medical Informatics Platform (MIP) is a digital platform dedicated to the federation and federated analyses of health datasets distributed across different institutions and countries. It enables sharing such data without requiring individual data to be moved away from their original site of storage and being centralized. The MIP web-based front-end provides a user-friendly interface to launch queries that will be executed on the data in each participating hospital on their federated datasets, simultaneously, to retrieve and aggregate the findings. Thanks to this framework, the MIP offers an ideal solution to federate de-centralised data and develop novel predictive models, while ensuring data privacy and GDPR compliance. Anonymised data of any research area of interest can be analysed with the MIP.

Equipment & Expertise
The MIP is an open-source free-of-use software, developed within the framework of the Human Brain Project (HBP), which is currently installed in more than 40 European Hospitals, and used to run health data federations in the fields of dementia, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, mental health and soon on stroke. Platform activities are supported by an IT and data management team.

Mission & Services
The MIP team @ NeuroTech, with Prof.Ryvlin being the product owner of the MIP, is committed to help health stakeholders federating new datasets and creating new federations on any topics of interest. This is particularly relevant for DNC researchers who would like to develop ambitious data sharing projects in their field of interest or to participate in ongoing federations. 
We aim at promoting the development and validation of predictive models in clinical neurosciences, including for rare diseases.


Directed by Prof Philippe Ryvlin

B√Ętiment Champ de l'Air - Rue du Bugnon 21 - CH-1011 Lausanne
Tel. +41 79 556 97 74
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)