EEG Platform


The EEG platform at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience ( is coordinated by Dr Marzia De Lucia since November 2017. The platform supports collaborative initiatives for sharing available equipments and advanced techniques for the analysis of electroencephalography and stereo electroencephalography recordings in humans.

Equipment & Expertise
The Department of Clinical Neuroscience is equipped with several EEG systems
hosted across different laboratories and research units. A non-comprehensive list of available equipments includes:
• 63 channels g.tec sytem (De Lucia’s laboratory)
• 64 channels ANT (Démonet’s laboratory)
• 128 channels g.tec system (Diserens’ laboratory)
• 128 Micromed system for scalp and intracranial recordings (Ryvlin’s lab and EEG unit)
• EG electrode digitizer – ANT xensor™ for electrode digitization with infrared camera (Ryvlin’s lab and EEG unit)

Mission & Services
The mission of the EEG platforms are sharing a comprehensive set of user-friendly tools for the analysis of electrophysiological recordings (, providing support for designing and implementing EEG experiments, developing tools that can support the development of common scientific topics, promoting discussions about ongoing and future projects.


Directed by Dre Marzia de Lucia

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