Marzia De Lucia


Dr Marzia De Lucia, PD PhD                   

Senior Lecturer
Group leader
Laboratory for Research in Neuroimaging - LREN


Research interests

> Coma
> Disorders of consciousness
> Statistical regularities
> Interoception

Laboratory’s activity

We investigate the extent of preserved neural functions during coma and altered states of consciousness. The interest in these research questions is twofold; on one side understanding brain function in coma can help the development of quantitative markers for predicting a given patient’s prognosis; on the other side, in basic neurosciences, comatose patients offers a virtual setting for the investigation of brain functions in altered states ofconsciousness.
In our studies, we combine electrophysiology with methods of machine learning and computational modeling.

Additional Information: Marzia De Lucia's lab

ORCID: 0000-0001-8792-7885

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Tel. +41 21 314 96 57
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