Jocelyne Bloch

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Prof Jocelyne Bloch                   

Assoc. Professor                         
Laboratoire de neurothérapies et neuromodulation - LNTM                          

Affiliation: Service of neurosurgery (NCH)
Keywords: Cell therapy Neuroprosthetics

Research interests

> Cell therapy
> Neuroprosthetics

Laboratory’s activity

Cell therapy:
> Application of autologous brain cell transplantation in animal models of stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Spinal cord injury.
> Collaborative work with the group of Eric Rouiller Physiology Institute of Fribourg, as well as with the EPFL.

> Projects with the EPFL groups of Grégoire Courtine and Stéphanie Lacour on spinal cord stimulation and brainspinal interface for spinal cord injury.
> Projects with the EPFL group of José Millan on closed loop deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease and brain machine interface.


ORCID number: 0000-0002-6405-1590

Publications: Unisciences

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