Brain Tumor Biology and Genetics


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Monika Hegi                                            Andreas Hottinger
Professor                                                  adjunct Professor
Head of laboratory                                    Head of the Neurooncology Unit


Laboratory activity
Taking advantage of the clinical setting of the laboratory, we aim at integrating clinical and basic cancer research in neuro-oncology at the CHUV. Joint efforts integrating research databases, including the brain tumor bank, foster research collaborations and have yielded collaborative translational research projects. Over the last years, we have analyzed multidimensional OMICs datasets derived from gliomas of patients treated in our clinical trials and retrieved from public databases that yielded predictive factors and potential new targets that we are further investigating in the laboratory. We aim at bridging this knowledge with the developing Brain Tumor Center headed by PD Dr Hottinger for improvement of patient management and development of future studies and trials.

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