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Prof. Stephanie Clarke                                           
Professor Emeritus                                                           

Laboratory’s activity
The laboratory works at the interface between clinical neurorehabilitation and basic cognitive neuroscience. Understanding neural mechanisms, which underlie recovery after brain lesion, helps to design innovative therapeutic interventions and to apply them in clinical care. The principle investigators, Dr Sonia Crottaz- Herbette, and Prof. Stephanie Clarke, focus on:

> Auditory cognition, investigating sound representations, including spatial and temporal aspects, using psychophysical approaches, fMRI and EEG. Recent contributions give new insight to the malleability of semantic and spatial representations, both in health and in disease.

>Cerebral reorganizations following innovative cognitive interventions on attention and working memory in stroke patients, using task-related and resting-state fMRI. Investigations of the neural mechanisms underlying therapeutic interventions are essential for their impact on clinical practice.

> Effects of brief therapeutic interventions and in particular of prismatic adaptation on brain organization, using behavioural and fMRI in normal subjects and in patients with brain damage. These innovative investigations of neural mechanisms underlying therapeutic interventions are essential for their focussed use in clinical practice.

> Neuro-motor rehabilitation, with focus on robotics, brain-machine interfaces and optimization of spasticity care. Carried out with numerous national and international collaborations, this research focuses mainly on hand movement and gait.


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