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Assist. Professor Caroline Pot, MD
Group leader, consultant neurology
Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Neuroimmunology - LNIE
Laboratoire de neuroimmunologie expérimentale - LNIE

Website: Laboratory of Experimental Neuroimmunology 

Service of immunology and allergy (LIA)

Laboratory’s activity
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a common autoimmune disorder affecting young patients. MS and its animal model, the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), are characterized by inflammatory cell infiltrates and demyelination of the central nervous system (CNS). The development of this disease is under the control of both genetic and environmental factors. While risk factors such as viral infections or smoking are well established, the role of cholesterol  metabolism, intestinal immune responses and gut microbiota remains unclear. In our laboratory, we are interested in understanding the role of lipid metabolism and of the gut-brain axis during neuroinflammation using the EAE model. Interest in the field of immunometabolism has been accelerated by the actual obesity epidemic and by the observation that obesity promotes inflammation that drives chronic diseases. Our ongoing work focuses on understanding the role of oxysterols, oxidized forms of cholesterol, during autoimmunity. We further examine the impact of oxysterols on gut homeostasis and gut flora during CNS inflammation using dietary approaches and mouse deficient for oxysterols.

Research interests
The aims of Caroline Pot’s research is to fine-tune immune responses in regards to environmental factors or metabolic pathways. This could lead to novel therapeutics and contribute to scientific re-evaluations of life-changes thus  promoting personalized medical approaches for MS patients.

Keywords: Neuroimmunology, Experimental autoimmune, encephalomyelitis, Multiple sclerosis, Immunometabolism, Lipidic pathways, Gut-brain axisPublications

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