Research in Neuroimaging (LREN)

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Bogdan Draganski          Ferath Kherif                 Marzia De Lucia                   Antoine Lutti

Assoc. Professor              Senior Lecturer                Senior Lecturer                   Assistant Professor

Head of Laboratory


Laboratory’s activity

LREN is a neuroimaging laboratory where clinical and basic neuroscientists study human brain structure and function relevant to neurological disorders and normal cognition. We develop and apply non-invasive neuroimaging methods - magnetic resonance imaging and electro-encephalography to investigate topics including use-dependent brain plasticity, rehabilitation of lost function and neurodegeneration. LREN is responsible for a state-of-the-art neuroimaging platform featuring high-end research-only Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner, sophisticated MRI compatible neurophysiological equipment, and high-density EEG machines.
LREN’s main goal is to translate basic research findings into clinical applications for early diagnosis of disease and for prediction of clinical outcome.

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