Acute Neurol. Rehabil./Intens. Monitor.







Assoc. Prof. Karin Diserens
Senior Lecturer
Senior staff member
Head of the Laboratory of Acute Neurorehabilitation - LNRA
Laboratoire de recherche en neurorééducation aiguë

Keywords: Coma, Disorders of Consciousness (DOC), Cognitive Motor Dissociation (CMD), Prediction, Acute neurorehabilitation, Neurosensorial approach, Brain Computer Interface, PeriPersonal Space, Robotic neurovegetative disorders, Virtual reality, Spasticity, Early mobilisation


Research interests
Overall our research aims to increase detection accuracy of covert awareness/Cognitive Motor Dissociation (CMD) among Disorders of Consciousness in the acute stage, to inform better the decision-making process and prognosis and to improve early therapeutic interventions for severely neurolesioned patients.

Laboratory’s activity
> To present a new approach to classification of unresponsive patients
> To provide accurate identification of Clinical Cognitive Motor Dissociation (cCMD) among Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) in the acute phase by means of the refinement of the clinical diagnosis 
> To investigate the functional/cognitive recovery in patients with cCMD.
> To implement an EEG motor imagery paradigm coupled with functional electrical stimulation, and an EEG task-free paradigm to differentiate patients evidencing intention without being able to implement it.
>To characterize the diagnostic and prognostic value of PET and MRI imaging patterns in the acute stage in terms of identification of strong biomarkers of covert awareness


ORCID: 0000-0002-3000-7794

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