Lorenz Hirt



Assoc. Professor Lorenz Hirt
Consultant/senior staff member
Head of the Laboratory of Stroke Research
Laboratoire des maladies cérébrovasculaires

Web site: https://wwwfbm.unil.ch/dnf/group/lorenz-hirt

Service of neurology (NLG)

Laboratory’s activity
The stroke laboratory is studying mechanisms of cell death after cerebral ischemia using experimental models both in vivo (mouse middle cerebral artery occlusion) and in vitro (oxygen and glucose deprivation in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures). We are studying lactate as a neuroprotective agent as well as neuroprotective mechanisms involving its receptor and transporters. We have shown that lactate’s mode of action is dual, both metabolic and as a signalling molecule. Lactate is known to be involved in angiogenesis and we are currently investigating the effect of lactate on pericytes, endothelial cells as well as the blood brain barrier after stroke. We are characterizing neuroinflammatory changes in the brain parenchyma after ischemia and in a collaborative project. In an SNF project we are studying caveolin-1 in cerebral ischemia and have shown its involvement in astrogliosis and neovascularization. In another collaborative SNF project we are using hyperpolarized substrates to characterize brain metabolism and brain perfusion and neuroprotection after stroke in the mouse. Lab members are Lara Buscemi PhD; Melanie Price, PhD; Camille Blochet, MSc.

Research interests
Our research aims at finding additional options to improve the outcome of stroke patients. Experimentally, we are investigating the neurovascular unit, neuroinflammation, angiogenesis and metabolism after stroke. In clinical research, we are exploring our newly established large retrospective Doppler US database.

Keywords: Stroke, Cerebral ischemia, Experimental, Neuroprotection, Lactate


unisciences ORCID: 0000-0002-2921-5000

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