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Prof Nicole Déglon                                                 

Assoc. Professor                                                       
Head of laboratory, Head of CRN
Head of the Laboratory of Neurotherapies and Neuromodulation - LNTM
Laboratoire de neurothérapies et neuromodulation - LNTM

Keywords: Neurodegenerative diseases, Huntington’s disease, Gene therapy, Gene editing                       

Research interests
The group has a long-standing experience and expertise in viral gene transfer technology to deliver therapeutic candidates in the brain or to model CNS pathologies by overexpressing disease-causing proteins.

Laboratory’s activity
We focus our research on the development of molecular therapies for neurodegenerative disorders and in particular huntingtin (HTT) gene editing for Huntington’s disease (HD). We have been exploiting the unique features and targeting specificities of viral vectors to deliver therapeutic candidates, generate new models of CNS pathologies or improve our understanding of the pathological mechanisms. In parallel, we are taking advantage of local and cell-type specific overexpression of transgenes in the CNS to investigate spreading of wild-type Tau protein in sporadic tauopathies as well as the contribution of mitochondrial dysfunctions in early AD.


ORCID: 0000-0003-4475-9476

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