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Prof Stephanie Clarke
Head of the Laboratory of Cognitive Science

Affiliation: Service of neuropsychology and neurorehabilitation (NPR)

Keywords: Auditory cognition, brain-mind, neural plasticity, neuroimaging

Research interests
Prof. Stephanie Clarke focuses on auditory cognition, investigating sound representations, including spatial and temporal aspects, using psychophysical approaches, fMRI and EEG. Recent contributions give new insight to the malleability of semantic and spatial representations, both in health and in disease.

Laboratory’s activity
The laboratory pursues three lines of research to investigate plasticity, which underlies the effectiveness of brief therapeutic interventions in cognitive rehabilitation. “Sound objects in space and time”, SNSF grant 159708 to S. Clarke (2015-19; CHF834’000) investigates combined representations of sound meaning, location and temporal features, using psychophysical approaches, fMRI and EEG. Understanding how semantic representations are linked to the spatial or temporal characteristics of an object will provide insight into multisensory and object-related representations of space.

Dr. Stefano Carda investigates the effects of electrically-assisted movement therapy on motor control of patients with severe upper limb paralysis. He is further involved in a project using fMRI to determine neural substrates of upper limb recovery using this treatment. A better understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying these effects is likely to focus indications for specific rehabilitation programs and help to design new therapies.


ORCID: 0000-0001-9393-5718

Publications: unisciences

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