Patrik Michel


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Prof Patrik Michel
Assoc. Professor
Head of the Laboratory of Clinical Stroke Research Unit
Laboratoire de l’unité de recherche cérébrovasculaire clinique

Affiliation: Service of neurology (NLG)

Keywords: Stroke, Thrombolysis, Thrombectomy, Neuroimaging, ASTRAL registry

Research interests
Our team’s research interests concern clinical stroke syndromes, acute stroke imaging, acute stroke management and stroke prognosis, and secondary stroke prevention. Beside participation in multiple randomized trials, we recently published on on stroke syndromes and causes (posterior circulation stroke/basilar artery occlusion, COVID-19 and stroke, PFO-related stroke, rare stroke mechanisms), acute imaging of ischemic stroke (perfusion imaging, collaterals, posterior circulation), acute revascularization treatments (effect of thrombolysis and thrombectomy in different situations, complications of thrombectomy), stroke management (Stroke-unit strokes; palliative predictors) and secondary stroke prevention (PFO-closure).

Laboratory’s activity
The Clinical Stroke Research team maintains since 2003 the ASTRAL registry (Acute STroke Registry and Analysis of Lausanne). It contains > 7’000 acute stroke patients, each with > 300 variables including demographic, clinical, comorbidity, multimodal imaging, etiological, metabolic and outcome data. CT and more recently MRI-based angiographic and perfusion data are collected and analysed in a detailed manner. We also study the influence of acute revascularization treatments in different situations, frequent and rare stroke mechanisms, and prognostic markers of long-term outcome. The team participates in multiple national and international randomized trials for acute stroke treatment and secondary prevention.

ORCID: 0000-0003-4954-7579

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