MRI Platform


The MRI platform of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, CHUV was established in 2013 thanks to the generous support from the charitable foundations Roger De Spoelberg and Partridge. Pr Bogdan Draganski is the Director of the platform, the technical and methodological support is ensured by the expertise of LRENs Principal Investigators – Pr Antoine Lutti and Dr Ferah Kherif.

Equipment & Expertise
The platform consists of a high-end 3T MR system offering optimal signal-to-noise ratio, speed and stability, additionally to equipment for real-time assessment of study participants’ behaviour during data acquisition.

Mission & Services
The mission of the MRI platform is to provide the needed research infrastructure for clinical and basic neuroscientists to study human brain structure and function relevant to health and disease. LRENs MRI physics group offers in-house developed brain imaging acquisition sequences for optimal sensitivity in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies alongside a full range of customized protocols for assessment of brain anatomy and function. The support team includes an MRI engineer and experienced radiographer for optimal data acquisition.

Directed by Prof Bogdan Draganski

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