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Paperback, 2016

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Scientific Essays written for a broad public

Essay on Senebier

A much debated issue is whether work on whole organisms should be replaced by work on cell cultures. What does working 'out of context' mean from a scientific point of view?
This essay dedicated to J. Dubochet, was written for a non-scientific audience.

Farmer, E.E. (2010) Jean Senebier’s thoughts on experimentation and their relevance for today’s researcher. Archives des Sciences 63, 185-192.

PDF - Essay on Senebier

Essay on Vavilov

Nikolai Vavilov made numerous important discoveries concerning the origin of domesticated plants and on the fascinating process of domestication itself. He left behind one of the world's great collections of germplasm. This essay is about what he did and what he left for us at the remarkable Vavilov Institute.

Farmer, E.E. 'The work of Vavilov and his Institute'
In:  'Seeds of the Earth: The Vavilov Institute' by Mario Del Curto, 2016.

Essai sur l'origine biologique de la coleur vert

dans le livre 'Humanité Végétale' par Mario del Curto, Actes Sud, 2019.

Entretien pour 'La pensée écologique'

En français/in French

Entretien avec le philosophe Dominique Bourg pour la revue ‘La pensée écologique’.

9 septembre 2018: PDF de l'entretien