XXVI Vis Moot - 2018/2019

                     26th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

                                               Excellents résultats de l’équipe lausannoise

Le Willem C. Vis Moot (« Vis Moot ») est la plus grande compétition étudiante dans le domaine du droit du commerce international et du droit de l’arbitrage, réunissant environ 370 universités du monde entier. Créé en 1993 dans le but de promouvoir l’étude de l’arbitrage commercial international, le Vis Moot est organisé autour d’un procès fictif prenant la forme d’une procédure arbitrale, opposant deux sociétés commerciales, ayant conclu un contrat international régi par la Convention de Vienne sur la Vente Internationale de Marchandises (« CVIM ») et soumis à résolution arbitrale.

                                           Cette année, l’équipe de l’UNIL était composée de 

              Johana Abbondanza, Nerea Garcia Vazquez, Narges Keshavarz Bahadori et Mattia Deon.

Pour sa 12ème participation au Moot, l’équipe représentant l’UNIL a été brillante, puisqu’elle a réalisé la meilleure performance suisse à l’écrit au Vis Moot de cette année, en obtenant les classements suivants :

  • Honorable Mention pour son mémoire défendant la position du défendeur, seule université suisse à l’obtenir (Honorable for the Werner Melis Award, Best Memorandum for Respondent, décernée à 30 universités sur 372)
  • Honorable Mention pour son mémoire défendant la position du demandeur (Honorable mention for the Pieter Sanders Award, Best Memorandum for Claimant, décernée à 34 universités sur 372)

L’équipe a été coachée par Jonas Zaugg, avec le soutien de Timo Cöster, et sous la supervision du Professeur Andrea Bonomi. Elle a également bénéficié du généreux soutien des études Homburger, Schellenberg Wittmer et Walder Wyss.

Pour plus d’informations sur le Willem C. Vis Moot, contactez le Professeur Andrea Bonomi ou Jonas Zaugg.



A.Bonomi-crop335x441-resize100x131.png Supervisor

Professor Andrea Bonomi has been in charge of the Vis Moot program at the University of Lausanne since its team participated in the Moot for the first time in 2008.  For more details on Professor Bonomi’s extensive experience and publications, please visit UNIL’s website.

Contact Professor Bonomi


Jonas-crop952x1076-resize120x135.jpg Coach

Jonas Zaugg is a former Moot participant (2017-2018) and a coach of the UNIL team (2018-2019). Mr Zaugg holds a Bachelor as well as a Master in Law from the University of Lausanne, specialising in commercial law and legal theory. Mr. Zaugg is currently assistant to Professor Andrea Bonomi at the University of Lausanne. Alongside his studies, Mr. Zaugg has worked in the field of health insurance claims against liable third parties for over five years. He is a native speaker of Swiss German, German and French, as well as a fluent English speaker. In his leisure time, he enjoys acting in an amateur theatre troupe, learning about new technologies, travelling and working out.

Contact Jonas Zaugg



Timo Cöster is a PhD candidate in corporate and capital market law. He is conducting his research at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne. Prior to his doctoral thesis, he studied law in Hamburg and Paris, specialising in corporate and trade law. He has already gained professional experience as an intern respectively research assistant in international law firms in Paris, Düsseldorf and Hamburg during and after his studies. In addition, he worked for three years as a student assistant for a professor in the field of insurance law at the University of Hamburg. Being a native German speaker, Timo speaks fluent English and French and has a basic knowledge of Spanish. In his spare time, he likes to go swimming and jogging as well as to explore foreign countries.

Contact Timo Cöster




Johana Abbondanza is a Master student at the University of Lausanne, specialising in international and comparative law. In 2013, Johana spent a year in Los Angeles to study English. At the end of a year abroad, she passed the Advanced Cambridge Exam at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Back in Switzerland, Johana started a bachelor degree at the Law School of the University of Lausanne, which she obtained in 2017. During her studies, she has had the opportunity to work as an assistant at a law firm specialised in sports arbitration. Johana is a native French and Italian speaker, alongside being fluent in English. She also has basic knowledge of German and Spanish. In her free time, Johana enjoys playing in a volleyball team, travelling and watching TV shows.



Nerea Garcia Vazquez is a Master student at the University of Lausanne, specialising in international law and litigation. In 2018, Nerea obtained her Bachelor’s degree. She participated in the Swiss Moot Court 2017-2018 edition and ranked in the 3rd position for the best written Memorandum along with her team. Ms. Garcia Vazquez has lived for five years in Spain before starting high school in Switzerland. Being a native speaker of French, Galician and Spanish, she is also fluent in Italian and in English. In her free time, she enjoys playing football, basketball, running, as well as playing bagpipe.



Narges Keshavarz Bahadori is pursuing her second Master’s degree in International and Comparative Law at the University of Lausanne. She obtained her Bachelor’s and first Master’s degree in International Commercial Law from the University of Tehran (Iran) in 2013 and 2016, respectively. She has worked as a research assistant in the Institute of Comparative Law of the University of Tehran for one year and contributed to a number of academic publications. Mrs. Keshavarz Bahadori attended The Hague Academy of International Law in summer 2018. She speaks Persian natively, English and French fluently, and understands advanced legal texts in Arabic as well. She enjoys reading, travelling, and learning about different cultures in her leisure time.



Mattia Deon is a Master student in Law at the University of Lausanne. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2017 at the University of Lausanne. In 2018, he did a month-long internship in a law firm in Panama. He has taken part in contract law in common law seminars and US law classes. Since the beginning of his studies, Mr. Deon has been working as a phone operator and as a teacher in obligatory school. In 2009, he did a 3-week language course in Germany. He is a native speaker of French, Italian and Spanish. He is fluent in English and has very good knowledge of German and Portuguese. In his free time, he likes playing guitar, sports and travelling, having visited 28 countries (and counting).



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