XXII Vis Moot - 2014/2015

XXII Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

The team of the University of Lausanne at the annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial
Arbitration Moot has been crowned – for the third consecutive year – by an Honorable Mention for the
Best Memorandum for Claimant (Pieter Sanders Award – Best Memorandum for Claimant). In the
competition for the best memorandum for Claimant, University of Lausanne has been joined by three
more Swiss universities (Basel, Fribourg and St. Gallen) to be among the 20 best universities in the world. 

The final stage of the competition took place in Vienna from March 26 to April 2 with 299 participating teams comprising a total of almost 3000 law students from all over the globe. During the general rounds of the hearings in Vienna, UNIL team pleaded twice as Claimant and twice as Respondent against Guajarat National University (India), University of Edinburgh (UK), Pepperdine University (USA) and University of Costa Rica.

The team of the University of Lausanne, participating in the XXII Vis Moot was coached by Ellina Zinatullina and Sergii Drug under the supervision of Professor Andrea Bonomi. It was composed of Tereza Cafourkova, Grégory De Martino, Dana Dreisbach, Deborah Herlan and Lenka Rehorova. The team has also benefited from the support of other faculty members and of the far-reaching research possibilities at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law.

The hypothetical dispute of the XXII Vis Moot concerned the complex issues of non-signatories to the arbitration agreement and the provision of interim measures by an emergency arbitrator as well as contract avoidance under the 1980 Vienna Convention on the International Sales of Goods. For more information on the XXII Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, please follow the Moot website: https://vismoot.pace.edu/site/22nd-vis-moot.


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The Team was coached by Madam Ellina Zinatullina and Mr. Sergii Drug under the supervision of Professor Andrea Bonomi.

Professor Andrea Bonomi has been in charge of the Vis Moot program at UNIL since its team participated in the Moot for the first time in 2008.  

For more details on Professor Bonomi’s extensive experience and pulications, please visit UNIL’s website

Contact Professor Bonomi.




Madam Ellina Zinatullina is a former Moot participant (2012-2013). She did her undergraduate legal studies in Russia and completed the LL.M. program at UNIL. Before coming to Switzerland, Madam Zinatullina worked in a Dispute Resolution department at the Moscow office of one of the Magic circle law firms. Contact Madam Zinatullina.


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Mr. Sergii Drug is a former Moot participant (2013 -2014). Mr. Drug holds LL.M. degree in the International and European Economic and Commercial Law from the University of Lausanne as well as Bachelor and Master in Law from the Kyiv University, Ukraine and currently is a doctoral candidate at the University of Lausanne. Contact Mr. Drug.

The Team

Dana Dreisbach - copie-crop2281x2912-resize100x127.jpg

Madam Dana Dreisbach is a LLM. Student, specializing in International Economic and Commercial Law. She holds a Master degree inInternational Economic Law from University of Siegen, Germany. Dana has gained practical experience through working at a global company and at the Chair of Public Law, European Law, Public International Law and International Economic Law as a student assistant and through an internship in a big law firm. Being a native German speaker, Dana has an excellent command in English as well as basic knowledge in French and Spanish. Outside of her studies, Dana enjoys reading classical literature, travelling and participating in different sports like running, skiing and horse riding.



Deborah Herlan - copie-crop2268x2916-crop2260x2770-resize100x122.jpg

Madam Deborah Herlan is an exchange student on the German chair in law at the University of Lausanne. She started her law studies twoyears ago at the University of Passau, Germany. During her studies she gained a general overview of all legal subjects having a particular interest in the realm of private international law. Being a native German speaker, Deborah also has a perfect command of English and French due to her classes of Common Wealth Law and French Law at the University of Passau and studies of the International Business Law at the University of Oxford with a subsequent practical experience in Strasbourg, France. During her leisure time she plays competitive tennis and goes skiing and does voluntary work for the Leo Club International.


Lenka Rehorova - copie-crop1426x1970-resize100x138.jpgMadam Lenka Řehořová is an exchange student at University of Lausanne with her main focus on international commercial and investment dispute resolution. As studied alongside with her general law studies at Charles University in Prague, Lenka has already obtained a Bachelor degree from Masaryk University in Brno in legal specialization in Law and International Trade. In 2012/2013, she participated in Foreign Direct Investment moot court competition for the team of Charles University. Lenka had a chance to practice law through internship in a local law firm. In her free time, she enjoys to engage herself into wide range of student projects and activities as well as playing sports, singing, traveling and studying languages. Except from Czech and Slovak, she can speak English, French and Spanish.



Tereza Cafourkova - copie-crop1426x1944-resize100x136.jpgMadam Tereza Cafourková is a LL.M. Student, specializing in International and European Commercial Law. In 2012 she obtained Master degree in Law and Jurisprudence from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. During and after her studies, Tereza gained practical experience through long-term internships in local law firms, namely in the field of Intellectual Property Law and Commercial Contracts. Tereza is fluent in English, has a good command in French and is currently working on improvement of her knowledge in German. After classes Tereza enjoys sports of all kinds, including swimming, hiking, badminton and cross-country skiing, visiting concerts of old legends, and travelling and exploring foreign cultures and traditions.



Gregory de Martino - copie-crop1374x1957-resize100x142.jpg

Mr. Grégory De Martino is a master student at University of Lausanne specializing in commercial law. In 2013, Grégory has obtained a bilingual Bachelor degree from the universities of Zurich and Lausanne. In 2014 and 2013, Grégory worked as a summer intern in the law firms of Lenz & Staehelin and Merkt & Associés in Geneva. Being a native Swiss-German and French speaker, Grégory speaks fluent German, English and Spanish. He enjoys travelling, sport and meditation.