XXV Vis Moot - 2017/2018

25th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot is one of the most prestigious international moot court competitions for law students. Taking place annually in Vienna since 1994, it gathers up more 2000 students, practitioners and academics with an objective of fostering the study of the international commercial law and arbitration.

For the 11th consecutive time, the University of Lausanne is presenting a team to the Vis Moot and will be represented this year by :

 Carole Moudon, Marta Zamorska, Patrick Pithon and Jonas Zaugg.

This year Jonathan Bornoz wil coach under the supervision of Professor Andrea Bonomi.

The team benefits as well from the support and guidance of

Sofia Drug-Villaverde, Sergii Drug, Friederike Brégeault and Professor Eva Lein.


The Problem of the XXV Moot concerns the complex issue of the challenge of an arbitrator under the UNCITRAL arbitration rules as well as the peculiarity of such challenge in an ad-hoc arbitration. The problem also deals with the problematic of the inclusion of standard terms to the contract under the CISG and the issue of non-conformity of the goods in relation with the Corporate Social Responsibility Code of one of the party.

The Moot problem can be accessed on the Moot website


A.Bonomi-crop335x441-resize100x131.png Supervisor

Professor Andrea Bonomi has been in charge of the Vis Moot program at the University of Lausanne since its team participated in the Moot for the first time in 2008.  For more details on Professor Bonomi’s extensive experience and publications, please visit UNIL’s website.

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Jonathan-crop216x284-resize98x128.png Coach

Jonathan Bornoz is a former Moot participant (2016-2017) and a coach of the UNIL team (2017-2018). Mr Bornoz holds a Bachelor as well as a Master in Law from the University of Lausanne and currently is assistant of Professor Andrea Bonomi at the University of Lausanne. 

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Moudon Carole -crop307x345-resize100x112.png Carole Moudon is a master student at the University of Lausanne, specializing in international and comparative law. In 2012, Carole spent one year at the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) to study English. Back in Switzerland, she started a bachelor degree in the University of Lausanne, which she obtained in 2016. Since the beginning of her master, Carole has been working as an assistant for the elaboration of a French-German law dictionary. Being a native French speaker, Ms. Moudon is also fluent in English and has good knowledge of German. Carole’s hobbies include reading, sports, and travelling to discover other cultures.


Zamorska Marta-crop324x364-resize100x112.png Marta Zamorska is pursuing simultaneously two master’s degree at the University of Lausanne, one focusing on commercial law, the other on legal matters in digital world. In 2016, she obtained a bachelor degree from University of Lausanne. Prior to law studies, Marta worked as a marketing manager for a multinational marketing agency and was engaged as a journalist and editor for a polish public broadcaster. Recently she accomplished a short-term internship in a swiss court and is currently involved in a legal research for a professor at the University in Lausanne. Being a Polish native speaker, she is perfectly fluent in both French and English, with good knowledge of Italian and basic Spanish and German. Marta’s hobbies include politics, travelling and jogging. 


Pithon Patrick-crop324x364-resize100x112.png Patrick Pithon is a Master student at the University of Lausanne, specializing in commercial law and dispute resolution. In 2016, Patrick has obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Lausanne. During his studies, Patrick improved his skills through several experiences. After working as a legal officer for an entrepreneurship association at university, he gained practical experience through a short-term internship in a Lausanne-based law firm. Moreover, in 2016, he had the opportunity to participate in the Swiss Moot Court. Thereafter, he was the assistant of a commercial law Professor for a year at the Lausanne’s Centre of Private Law. Patrick is currently in charge of the Legal Advice Service of the law students’ Association of Lausanne. Being a native French speaker, Mr. Pithon speaks fluent English, has good knowledge of German and some basics in Polish. In his free time, he likes playing drums, reading books and playing some video games.


Zaugg Jonas-crop307x345-resize100x112.png Jonas Zaugg is a Master student at the University of Lausanne, specialising in commercial law and legal theory. Jonas obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Lausanne in 2016. Since then, he has been an assistant to two professors there, at the Centre of Private Law and the Centre of Comparative, European and International Law. Alongside his studies, Mr. Zaugg has worked in the field of health insurance claims against liable third parties for over three years. He is a native speaker of Swiss German, German and French, as well as a fluent English speaker. In his leisure time, he enjoys acting in an amateur theatre troupe, learning about new technologies, travelling and working out.