Helsinki Pre-Moot

Very Last Pre-Moot Before European Lockdown

The University of Lausanne participated in the 2020 Helsinki Pre-Moot held from 5 to 8 March 2020. It had the pleasure to plead against the Universities of Turku, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Lomonosov and Passau. Despite the excellent scores achieved by Lausanne, the great organisation, parties and weather, the weekend was overshadowed by the very dispiriting news that the Finals in Vienna had been cancelled. They would, however, be replaced by online hearings as far as possible.

Accordingly, Helsinki marked the end of Lausanne's travels for this year's Moot but the memories of the pleadings, parties and games of Jass will stay with the team! The Team would like to once again thank the organisers of the Helsinki Pre-Moot as well as Lausanne's generous sponsors, Walder Wyss and Homburger.