We have a vision for a future that is founded in deep respect for the planet and its people.  We know that business has a crucial part to play in ensuring such respect.  As a business school, we believe we have the duty to commit to enabling students to truly understand their role as future business leaders.

The mission of the Platform for Business and Human Rights is to enable and advance the integration of human rights in business school studies, foster thought leadership and carry out relevant research so that it becomes an integral part of education. It is our hope that such actions will have far-reaching impacts, both internally and externally.

  • Human Rights in the curriculum: The Platform for Business and Human Rights will provide solutions to embed respect for human rights including relevant international standards such as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in these programs.
  • Thought Leadership in a trusting environment: Often issues that are crucial to our planet and its people are inadequately discussed in educational institutions, in media, and in our society today and we intend to bridge this gap with the help of our new Center.
  • Research and Collaboration with business: We are encouraging student and faculty research in the area of Business and Human Rights. The Human Rights Platform wishes to drive and instigate a program of research which will be practical and useful for business and society.
  • Advocacy and awareness building: The Human Rights Platform wishes to play an advocacy role in raising public awareness, both locally and globally, with regards to business impact in the area of human rights. We believe that deepening the understanding of the public will lead to changes in behavior, changes that will be beneficial for society as a whole.
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