International Academic Forum

The International Academic Forum (IAF) on SOGIESC Law. It is intended to involve scholars around the world interested in the field to exchange ideas and cooperate on research projects and provide anyone interested in the field with reliable and high-quality information.

It brings together researchers, practitioners and NGO representatives from various fields with the aim of researching and analysing the role of Law in the situations of LGBTI persons worldwide. Membership is open to institutions and organisations (independent research centres, university departments or centres, NGOs and think-tanks) as well as individual researchers and experts engaged in research and analysis within the research areas International Academic Forum (IAF) on SOGIESC Law.

Academic News

If you would like to join the forum send an email with a short descriptions of your interests and activities to You will receive regular mails and can engage in discussions with other members.

Legal Developments Around the World

You can also access new regarding legal developments around the world by subscribing to my SOGIESC Blog or liking the respective Facebook page.


A specific goal is to collect academic writings, research reports and case law from around the world and to make it retrievable in one place.



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