Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Platform for Business and Human Rights includes senior leaders from Unilever, ABB, IKEA Switzerland, UNICEF, WaterLex, the Institute for Human Rights and Business, Amnesty International, Transparency International, The Forest Trust, Equiception, The Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs, The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), UNI Global Union, and The Paradigm Forum. Endorsed by Mary Robinson, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Platform is initially set up and funded by Business School Lausanne and operates under the umbrella of its People and Planet Hub.

The Advisory Board provides guidance and helps to ensure the independence and objectivity of the Center. Here are the carefully selected members of our Advisory Board:

• Alke Boessiger, Head of UNI Commerce, Uni Global Union
• Andres Franco, Deputy Director Private Sector Engagement, UNICEF
• Auret van Heerden, Founder, Equiception
• Corinna Morrissey, Human Rights Policy officer, Swiss DFA
• Daniele Gosteli-Hauser, Head of Business and Human Rights Amnesty International, Switzerland
• Jean Benoit Charrin, former CEO, Waterlex
• Jean-Pierre Méan, Member of Advisory Board, Transparency International, Switzerland
• Marcela Manubens, Global Vice President for Social Impact, Unilever
• Michael Bride, Deputy Organizing Director for Global Strategies, UFCW, USA/Canada
• Ron Popper, Head of Corporate Responsibility, ABB
• Scott Jerbi , Senior Advisor, Policy & Outreach, Institute for Human Rights and Business
• Scott Poynton, Founder, The Forest Trust
• Simona Scarpaleggio, CEO, IKEA Switzerland
• Tabi Haller Jorden, CEO, The Paradigm Forum GmbH

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