Neuro-Behavioral Analysis Unit

The Neuro-Behavioral Analysis Unit (Neuro-Bau) is a core facility of the DNF dedicated to the study of rodent behavior and its neural correlates. The facility offers DNF members:

  • Seamless Integration of Behavioral and Neural data
    The facility provides access to traditional behavioral approaches (mazes, conditioning boxes) as well as sophisticated neural data recording in freely-moving rodents (calcium-imaging, electrophysiology, optogenetics) that can be tailored to individual research projects.
  • Training and Supervision in Behavioral experiment design
    We provide expert training and supervision in behavioral testing and behavioral data analysis.
  • Agile data discovery
    We supply access to rapid exchange of protocols between users to accelerate experimental design and reduce the number of pilot experiments. The platform hosts a database of custom-built knowledge of annotated behavioral experiments extracted from PubMed.
  • Workshops and Courses
    We organize seminars, workshops and short-courses to further knowledge and know-how in the neuro-behavioral field.

The integration of behavioral studies within molecular/cellular approaches in animal models is a necessity of modern neuroscience. This multi-level approach bridges molecules and neurophysiology and can provide insights into the neural underpinnings of behavior.

From such combinatorial studies in animal models, researchers can connect to human pathologies and towards transition from basic research to translational research.

The Neuro-Bau is headed by Leonardo Restivo, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Booking behaviour rooms (NEURO-BAU 1 & 2)


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