Modelling tree species distribution in Switzerland (with N.E. Zimmermann, WSL)


This project results from a tight collaboration between A. Guisan and Nick Zimmermann (at WSL Birmensdorf).

It makes use of Federal Swiss Forest inventories to test and develop predictive distribution models. In this way, it creates a natural bridge between projects in our ECOSPAT group (spatial modelling) and those in Nick's group (ecological modelling mostly focused on forests).

The data sets used in this project were for instance used as one of the six data sets used by the NCEAS "Predicting species occurrences" group (A.T. Peterson & C. Moritz chairs; see Elith et al. in prep, Guisan et al. in prep.) in Santa Barbara.

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Current collaborators

A. Guisan, N. E. Zimmermann
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