For those interested to visit our ECOSPAT lab and collaborate with us, and this way benefit from our spatial modelling facilities and expertise, we require from visitors (1) to have already some basic knowledge in R programming and spatial ecology, and (2) that a Master or doctoral course on distribution modeling has been followed prior to the visit or can be followed during the stay (i.e. that the visiting dates match an existing course at UNIL). Such modelling knowledge can be acquired in one of the courses taught by Prof. Antoine Guisan:

Please contact us well in advance to organize your visit: 

  • at least 1 month in advance for visitors from within EU and staying < 3 months
  • at least 2 months in advance for visitors from within EU and staying > 3 months (an internship contract from UNIL is needed)
  • at least 3 months in advance for visitors from outside EU (an internship contract from UNIL is needed)

Current visitor(s)

Future visitor(s)

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