System for people with a hearing impairment

A new system is now available for students with a hearing impairment, or professors who wish to give lectures or symposia that are suitable for them.

This is a simple, wireless microphone that can be used by either the professor or the student. Students wear the device around their neck on a magnetic collar and activate the microphone simply by pressing the central button on the device. Unlike using FM, digital technology eliminates transmission lags and produces a clear sound.

The UNICOM support group has just acquired a case equipped with the device and anyone interested in borrowing it can contact Olivier Grosjean, by email on or on 021 692 22 88. He can also make the system available on an ad hoc basis and provide the necessary instructions for using it.

This option is available only for events or lectures taking place on the Dorigny campus.

In addition, the following lecture theatres are equipped with magnetic fixed hearing loops:

  • Anthropole 1031 and 1129 (in the lower part of the auditorium)
  • Amphimax 350 and 351
  • Amphipôle A and B
  • Géopolis 1612 and 1620
  • The hall at IDHEAP
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