Epic Experimenter Award

New at HEC-LABEX - the « Epic Experimenter Award »


What is this reward about?

At the end of each experiment day, the experimenter has to hand in a detailed feedback about attendance rates at experiment sessions, technical issues or potentially problematic participants in the lab. This feedback is crucial for the HEC-LABEX team to ensure the sound management of the lab facilities and the ORSEE subject pool.

The Epic Experimenter Award rewards the person who submits the most epic feedback throughout the year. The aim of this award is to promote feedbacks on experiments, but more importantly to make this task more fun, both for the ones who have to submit it and the ones who have to read it. This is why creativity and humor in the feedbacks are strongly encouraged.

Based on what criteria will the winner be determined?

Firstly, the feedbacks will be analyzed in terms of deadline compliance, their level of detail and their accuracy. The second part of the score will be calculated based on creativity, originality and humor of the feedback.

Who can win this award?

Any person who executes experiments in the HEC-LABEX labs may receive the Epic Experimenter Award. In that respect - student assistants, PhDs, post-docs, professors – get ready to write the most memorable feedback of 2021!

In fact, after the first editions of the Epic Experimenter Award, this price is back in the game for this year’s edition. From now on, the award will be issued annually in December. All you need to do to win this year’s Epic Experimenter Award is to write the best feedback in terms of both detail and originality!

Epic Experimenter Awards-winners



Kavous S. Niksirat, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Department of Information Systems (DESI)


Evanne Anthoine-Milhomme

Student assistant of Prof. K. Huguenin
Information Security & Privacy Lab - HEC


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