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LABEX in a nutshell

The LABEX is a behavioral research laboratory of HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne. With its excellent infrastructure consisting of eight laboratories, the LABEX allows researchers to study the complex interactions between individuals systematically, under controlled conditions and in various environments.

The LABEX gives researchers from HEC Lausanne the opportunity to conduct high-level research and to contribute to the School's strong international influence. Researchers and professors form several departments, such as Organizational Behavior (OB), Information Systems (DESI), Economics (DE), Marketing (DMK) and Operations (DO), run a variety of experiments at the LABEX.

Our high ethical standards ensure research that respects the rights of participants. We commit to keep participants' responses confidential, not to practice any form of deception and guarantee that their involvement is always voluntary.


The LABEX comprises:

  • Eight research laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment that are at the disposal of researchers from HEC Lausanne.
  • A subject pool with more than 6000 registered participants.
  • The LABEX team that provides methodological, organizational, administrative, and technical support to researchers.
  • A School internal ethical procedure and an Ethics Committee allowing rapid processing of the ethical requests.
  • The LABEX Board composed of one representative per research field and all involved administrative services, allowing a bottom-up development of the LABEX activities.
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