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New Executive Director of the CREA Institute of Applied Economics at HEC Lausanne...
On 1 May 2021, Mathieu Grobéty will take over as Executive Director of the CREA Institute of Applied Economics at HEC Lausanne (UNIL), which specialises in economic forecasts and analyses in French-speaking Switzerland and the country as a whole. As an expert in forecast analyses for over 10 years, Mathieu Grobéty will manage and develop the activities of the CREA Institute alongside Prof. Kenza Benhima, its academic director. He succeeds Délia Nilles, who is retiring.
PIB vaudois: l'effet vaccin
Avril 2021 | Un an après le début de la crise du COVID-19, la reprise de l’économie vaudoise semble se confirmer.
HEC Lausanne students at the 2021 Econometric Game
Every year, the world’s best universities send their most able Master’s and doctoral students to work on a case study as part of the Econometric Game. The 2021 competition took place online, on 8 and 9 April, with over 30 institutions taking part. The UNIL Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne) had the opportunity to take part in this year’s competition. Team members were Nikita Brunner, Maxime Phillot, Richard Schmidt and Jérémy Zuchuat.
Tackling health crises without paying the high price of social instability
Insights into research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL - In the current context of the COVID pandemic, the research by Prof. Elena Esposito at HEC Lausanne (UNIL) on the response to the public health crisis caused by the Ebola epidemic offers many lessons. The researcher and her co-author highlight the risk of possible social instability that could persist for several years and threaten the success of recovery policies.
Three professors at HEC Lausanne have received the Decennial Article Award from the...
John Antonakis, Samuel Bendahan and Rafael Lalive, who are all professors at HEC Lausanne (UNIL) and Philippe Jacquart (EM Lyon Business School and a former student at HEC Lausanne), have received an award recognising the impact of one of their articles over the last 10 years. The prize was awarded by The Leadership Quarterly, one of the leading journals in the field of leadership, management and applied psychology.
Recent publications
D. Rohner, M. Thoenig. Networks in Conflict. Econometrica.
Dogan B. How to control controlled school choice. American Economic Review.
Berman N., Couttenier M., Rohner D., Thoenig M. This mine is mine! American Economic Review.
Working papers
21.05 Lars Ehlers and Bettina Klaus
Normative properties for object allocation problems: Characterizations and trade-offs- March 2021
•   Full text
21.04 Bettina Klaus
Characterizing the top trading cycles rule for housing markets with lexicographic preferences when externalities are limited - February 2021
•   Full text
21.03 Bettina Klaus and Claudia Meo
The core for housing markets with limited externalities - March 2021
•   Full text
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