ORSEE subject pool


The LABEX manages its own participants’ pool that currently contains more than 6000 registered participants, the majority of which consists of UNIL and EPFL students. The subject pool is administered through the ORSEE software (Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments) and is therefore referred to as the “ORSEE subject pool”.

ORSEE allows participants’ recruitment based on a variety of selection criteria, such as age, gender, faculty, or previous participation to specific experiments. It is also a suitable tool to manage the whole participant enrollment procedure, including the management of participants’ show-up rate and, if necessary, excluding unreliable participants.

Strong ethical standards apply to any research wanting to make use of participants from the ORSEE subject pool. For instance, the LABEX commits to not practicing any form of deception and guarantees that the involvement of participants is voluntary at any moment of the experiment. Furthermore, experimental subjects are informed about how the experiment will be conducted, about the compensation they will receive for their participation, and who will have access to their data. They are free to withdraw from the study at any time without being penalized, if they so wish.


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