The LABEX is not just a laboratory but is also an organizational, technical, and methodological research support entity. The Lab Coordination Team and the Lab Technician Team provide the following services to the researchers:

Organizational, methodological, and administrative services:

  • Planning and organization of experimental sessions including simple and complex participant recruitment
  • Communication with participants (before and after the experiment as well as answering general questions)
  • Providing support to researchers during the experiment submission procedure. This includes awareness raising regarding ethical and data management considerations, as well as being the intermediate between researchers and the HEC Financial Services
  • Management of the ORSEE subject pool. This includes the organization and coordination of the yearly recruitment campaign to attract new participants, as well as the maintenance of the ORSEE website
  • Producing information documentation on the LABEX to ensure an optimal use of its processes by the researchers (website, presentations, trainings and submission forms, etc.)
  • Adapting and developing LABEX’s services and processes to the needs of researchers
  • Management of the HEC Research Platform.

Technical services:

  • Technical support to researchers, before and during experiments (in case of technical emergencies)
  • Maintenance and development of technical equipment of the laboratories
  • Programming of VR-experiments
  • Support to researchers regarding data storing solutions, especially for experiments producing a large amount of data.
  • Testing and providing new software solutions for researchers
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