Software and Laboratory equipment


Laboratory equipment:

The LABEX labs differ from one another regarding size but also regarding equipment. If you would like to learn more about the equipment of each laboratory, please refer to the section ‘Facilities’.


The software listed below is either installed on all the LABEX computers or available via the HEC Lausanne network:

  • Internet browsers: Firefox, Chorme and Internet Explorer

  • z-Tree

  • oTree

  • e-Prime

  • Inquisit

  • Office 2019

  • Qualtrics*

*The help desk handles the Qualtrics creation accounts.

*Please contact Qualtrics support for any further questions.

*For its use please refer to UNIL's internal regulations regarding Research and to the rules and laws that apply to research involving human participation.

It is not allowed to install any new software or change the configurations without prior discussion with the Lab Technician.

Should you have any questions regarding the computers or the software, please contact the Lab Technician.

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