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2022 - Immunobiology 2022 Symposium

2018 Symposium

Symposium in honour of Rob MacDonald

Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th of September, 2018

Location: Seminar room B301, CLE, Epalinges

Hugh Robson (Rob) MacDonald was the former director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Epalinges/Lausanne.



2017 meeting

COST Action CM1307: Chemotherapy towards diseases caused by endoparasites

25th-27th of October 2017, Aquatis Hotel, Lausanne

For more information consult the conference web site

2016 meeting

Jürg Tschopp Memorial Symposium

April 27th 2016, Montreux

The symposium was devoted to honor the life and outstanding scientific discoveries of Jürg who passed away on March 22nd 2011 whilst skiing with his family in his beloved Swiss Alps.

The program consisted of a series of lectures given by highly distinguished scientists from around the world, all of whom were close colleagues and friends of Jürg. The symposium was open to everyone who knew Jürg, professionally or personally, and to those familiar with his work. In addition to the scientific program there was time for social interactions throughout the day to make this symposium special and memorable.


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