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1st cycle


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science aims to provide the solid training necessary for understanding political phenomena. It covers the different fields of study relevant to political science, and is also widely open to interdisciplinarity.

The areas of political science taught at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences are: history of political ideas, public policies, comparative political science, political sociology, international relations and studies focused on developing countries.

Political science also requires interdisciplinary knowledge, mainly deriving from sociology and history, philosophy, economics and law. It uses the investigative techniques and methodological tools of the social sciences.

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2nd cycle


Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science

The course differs from the traditional academic approaches to this subject and address politics in its various dimensions - local, national, international, economic, social, and civic - but without losing touch with the reality of the contemporary world. This practical approach helps to highlight the “multi-professional” and innovative dimension of the training offered to students. It is unusual in offering a programme of study that is both specialised and can be tailored to your interests, as well as using a range of innovative teaching formats.

The Master’s degree in Political Science is a cycle of training and specialisation aimed at the acquisition of analytical and research skills specific to a very wide variety of professional sectors. You can specialise in the areas of globalisation, professions in politics, or international policy and history.

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Master of Arts (MA) in Public Management & Policy

The increasing complexity of the tasks carried out by the State and the manner in which it performs them require us to look at public service and the modernisation of public administrations in a new way. Today’s institutions need decision-makers with interdisciplinary knowledge who are capable of understanding and solving complex managerial, economic, political and legal problems. Switzerland’s multilingual culture necessitates a multicultural approach to management in the public and quasi-public sectors.

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3rd cycle (postgrade)

MAS (Master of Advanced Studies)

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