Selection of applications and nominations to partner universities


Once the applications have been received, applicants are selected by a selection committee (made up of faculty representatives and the heads of the International Relations department and SASME) for university-wide agreements (general agreements) or an internal faculty committee for faculty and SEMP agreements.


The main selection criteria are as follows:

  • Academic results
  • The student’s motivations for taking part in a university exchange and the quality of their plan for the exchange

Once the selection has been made, SASME (for general agreements) or the faculties (for SEMP and faculty agreements) will put forward the names of the students selected to the partner universities. At this stage, it is important to be aware that UNIL’s decision still needs to be accepted by the partner university, which may refuse an application for various reasons (which is why it is important, in particular, to check the admission conditions and any restrictions on access to courses). It is therefore very important to wait for confirmation from the partner university before taking any further steps to organise your exchange.


Since each host university has its own arrangements, information about the procedures you need to follow to enrol at the university and organise your time abroad may be communicated to you directly by the host university or via SASME and/or the mobility coordinator in your faculty or section. In all cases, you will be contacted in good time by one of the organisations referred to above.


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