In the Earth Sciences, state of the art analytical equipment is used that allows for the characterization of Earth materials from the centimetre to the nanometre scales. ISTE hosts analytical facilities for in-situ measurements of chemical, textural and isotope geochemical data (high resolution ion microprobe SIMS 1280, Laser ablation ICP-MS, Electron Microprobe, NanoSIMS, EBSD, SEM, Cathodoluminescence imaging, Raman spectroscopy, Microtomography, X-ray diffraction) and facilities that allow for bulk geochemical analysis (X-ray fluorescence, organic carbon analysis, mercury and phosphorus analysis, and C-H-N analysis). 

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Associated research center

casa centre.JPG
Center for Advanced Surface Analysis

The Centre d'analyse de surface avancée (CASA) is a common UNIL/EPFL platform hosted in the Geopolis building of University of Lausanne. This Swiss research center offers to a broad range of scientists the state-of-the-art micro-analytical Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometric (SIMS) instruments for chemical and isotopic characterization of solid matter.