SwissSIMS ion probe

Cameca IMS 1280-HR

The Cameca IMS 1280-HR is a large radius secondary ion microprobe. Isotopes of a wide range of elements (from H to U) can be measured with high analytical performance, even for low contents (< 1 ppm). The design of the ion probe allows the determination of large number of isotopic systems with an excellent precision (mass resolution > 20000). The standard lateral resolution is 10 µm, in some cases even 2 µm, for a typical depth resolution of a few hundreds of nanometers.

The SwissSIMS ion probe is a national facility co-financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation for Research (SNF), and a consortium including the universities of Lausanne, Geneva, Bern and the ETH of Zurich. More information regarding the lab facilities, bookings and fees can be found on the SwissSIMS website. Our laboratory is part of the Centre for Advanced Surface Analysis (CASA), a state-of-the-art platform dedicated to chemical surface analysis.

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