Sedimentary lab

The sedimentary lab is dedicated to the separation and the preparation of microfossils from sedimentary rock samples. This step is necessary before any observation using optical or scanning electron microscopes. For bookings, users are invited to email the contact person and to mention the following points:

1. Type of work (MSc, PhD... ) and supervisor.
2. Topic of the study.
3. Type of work planned in the lab.
4. Number and type of samples.
5. Chemicals to be used.
6. Glassware and devices needed.
7. Date and duration of the work.

At the end of the day, each user commits himself to leave the lab clean and ordered. Special chemicals and glassware will be purchased only according to user's requirements.

Colony of Bryozoans detached by hydrogen peroxide.

Sedimentary lab

Lab: 1420

Lab responsible:

Prof. Allison Daley

Contact person:

Dr. Claudia Baumgartner
telefono-01.jpg+41 21 692 43 61 | mail-01.jpg