X-ray micro-computed tomography

X-ray computed tomography (X-ray microCT) is a rapidly evolving technique originally developed in medicine for visualization of soft-tissues and bones. It was subsequently adapted and extended to a wide variety of geological and material science applications. Today commercial instruments can provides non destructively three-dimensional maps of X-ray attenuation of rock samples.


SkyScan 1173Availability CamScan MV2300

This scanner includes a 130 kV microfocus X-ray source, a large format (>5 Megapixels) flat panel sensor with special protection by lead-glass fiber-optic window for long lifetime under high-energy X-ray, and a precision object manipulator for large and heavy objects.


SkyScan 1072Availability CamScan MV2300

This scanner operates at 20-80 kV and max. 100 uA. The X-ray CCD-camera is based on a 768 x 560 pixels CCD-sensor with lens coupling to an X-ray scintillator. The X-ray shadow projections are digitised as 1024 x 1024 pixels with 256 gradations. 


SkyScan micro-CT attachment for SEMAvailability CamScan MV2300

This device enables micro-CT analyses of small samples within a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with sub-micron resolution. X-rays are generated when the 30kV electron beam hits a metal (typically brass) target. The sample is mounted onto a motorized stage and placed between the target and the micro-CT camera.


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