NanoSIMS ion probe

Cameca NanoSIMS N50LAvailability CamScan MV2300

The Cameca NanoSIMS N50L is an ion microprobe optimized to produce images of large chemical or isotopic variations in solid samples in which high spatial resolution is required. The instrument can deliver a primary beam of Cs+ or O- to a sample surface, but focused to a smaller spot of 50 and 150 nm, respectively. The NanoSIMS N50L is equipped with a multi-collector system that allows simultaneous collection of up to 7 different isotopes.

The NanoSIMS belongs to the Laboratory for Biological Geochemistry (EPFL) and is part of the Centre for Advanced Surface Analysis (CASA) platform located in the Geopolis building (UNIL).


NanoSIMS ion probe lab


Lab: 1105
Tel: +41 21 692 43 26

Lab responsible:

Prof. Anders Meibom

Contact person:

Dr. Stéphane Escrig
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